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"The most popular and affordable comprehensive
Practice Management Solution"

2010 Price List

 Call  314-994-3880 for Special Upgrade Pricing

Lytec Medical 2010 Single User with Unlimited FREE* Claims Support: $3,295
Lytec Medical 2010 Multi user (up to 3 users) with Unlimited FREE* Claims Support: $4,175

Lytec Medical 2010 Professional (up to 5 users) with Unlimited FREE* Claims Support:  (Includes ICD-9 Codes,  CPT-4 Codes,   HCPCS Codes,  LYTEC Medical Port Program,  Medicode's  EncoderPro program, and   Lytec Professional Scheduler.)



Lytec Medical 2010 with Unlimited FREE* Claims Support: 

5 - user site license.    (New System)                                                                                                                                                                      $5,385

10 - user site license.      (New System)                                                                                                                                                                  $7,035
20 - user site license. (New System)                                                                                                                                                                      $12,205
-also available in   50-user,  100-user,  and Unlimited  licenses                                                                                                                                                                             call

*As the Preferred Lytec Vendor for Gateway EDI, customized forms for Lytec, format changes, claims research and support for all of your electronic claims, statements and remittances are integrated into your service as long as you are with Gateway EDI! 

UPGRADES from previous Lytec versions
 Call  314-994-3880 for Special Upgrade Pricing

(call 314-994-3880 for estimate)

Data conversion is available from other products such as:      ABA; CADUsys; CYMA MPM-II;   DBConsultants; DOMS;   DRData;  CADUsys; FoxMed;   InfoCure;  most versions of   Medical Manager;  MediSoft DOS and Windows;   MedPartners;  MedSoft DOS and Windows;   MOMS;   PCHMed;  Physoft;    ProManager; SeaSoft; VerSyss; Wismer-Martin and most DOS-based and dBase databases.  Contact us to discuss your options, timetable, and estimated cost.

Send e-mail to: info@eDocOffice.com with questions or comments.
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